Back Spasms

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Suffering with Back Spasms? Utilizing Advanced Pain Management for Muscle Spasms in Back


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One of the most effective methods to relieve pain without the use of harmful drugs or surgery is with a back brace, a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), or with cold/hot therapies. It is an advanced pain management therapy that can manage muscle spasms in the back. The process involves utilizing electrical current through electrodes placed on your skin for controlling pain. Various frequencies of electric current can be applied, which may range from low to mid to high. The process is done by using a short handheld device called a TENS unit. The device is operated by a battery and transfers small units of electrical impulses that provide relief to the affected painful area. The current travels from stimulator through the lead wires to the electrodes placed on the painful areas.


There are different theories that suggest the mechanism of working of this electrical stimulation method. According to one theory, it is believed that the electrical impulses basically override the pain messages traveling along the nerve pathway to brain.


The back is the core of the body that supports the whole upper body structure. Back spasms or pain can be prevented by strengthening the muscles and ligaments in the back region, maintaining good posture, using safe bending and lifting techniques, losing extra weight and avoiding smoking habits. Finding a proper back brace could be the difference in relieving the pain in the back.

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